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The Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster for Your Centennial CO. Insurance Claim

Oct 14

When disaster strikes and you suddenly lose all or part of your home, you may feel overwhelmed if this is the first time experiencing such an event. You pay your insurance premiums, so your insurance company shouldn't hassle you about your claim, right?


Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. Insurers will try to lowball claimants, and some people may not know what their options are against such tactics. To help fight for maximum insurance coverage, many people in Centennial turn to the assistance of a public adjuster. There are many benefits associated with hiring a public adjuster for your insurance claim. Here are just a few . . .


Your Insurance Company Is Offering Less Than you Deserve


When you have to make a claim, your insurer will do anything it can to pay out the least amount of money possible. If you want to have someone on your side as you make a claim for insurance, consider a public adjuster. Hiring a public insurance adjuster in Centennial, CO is an excellent way to ensure that you will be compensated for any damages due to an accident. Studies show that you can increase an insurance claim by as much as 700 percent by hiring a public adjuster.


Public Adjusters are Trained to Get you More Money on Your Claim


When you hire an insurance adjuster, such as public adjusters in Centennial, they will be thoroughly trained to handle any type of case. They are familiar with the laws surrounding personal and commercial insurance coverage. Any time you file a claim with your insurance company for damages, even if it's minor, it is important that you contact a professional public adjuster to help.


Insurance adjusters have gone through years of schooling, often taking specialized classes to further their knowledge. They know how much your claim is worth and how best to fight for you to receive a good settlement. Hiring a public adjuster also means that you will have a witness to the situation if your insurance company is not acting in good faith or more drastic measures are needed, such as legal action.


A Public Adjuster Works for You, Not Your Insurance Company


Some people are hesitant to hire a public adjuster for their claims because they may feel that it looks like they are filing a claim against their insurance company. It is important to remember that your insurance company will always be on the other side of the table during negotiations and court cases, so you need someone who has your best interests at heart when assessing your damages.

Even if an insurance policyholder is sure of the dollar value for property damage, it's always a good idea to get a second opinion on covering something important like home insurance claims. An objective expert can ensure that you are getting a fair shake on your claim and also help you avoid unnecessary delays in the process. A public adjuster will stay calm during negotiations while fighting for you to receive as much money as possible for damages due to an accident or natural disaster.


There is Often No Up-Front Cost When Hiring a Public Adjuster


Most people who hire a public insurance adjuster are surprised at how much money they can save. You don't have to pay any money upfront; you only pay if the public adjuster is successful in getting you a settlement for your claim.


This is a great option because it saves you money. You get all the benefits of having an experienced adjuster working for you without risk to your bank account. It's also important to remember that if a public adjuster can't negotiate with insurances companies and receive additional compensation for you, they likely won't charge anything at all.


If, for example, a policyholder hires a public adjuster with an agreed 10 % fee and their insurance company ends up settling at a final payout of $100,000 (i.e., “the total amount that the insurer pays to resolve the claim”), then the insured would owe the public adjuster $10,000, which would come out of the final settlement.


Public Adjusters Should Not be Confused with Independent or Company Adjusters


Public adjusters are one of three main categories of insurance adjuster, with each employed by a different party. Insurance companies, businesses, and individuals all can employ an adjuster to evaluate the severity of the loss and determine an appropriate settlement amount. There are three major types of insurance adjusters: company, independent, and public. Each type has its own benefits to different parties.


Company insurance adjusters are employed by a company. They evaluate claims filed by policyholders to determine the validity and value of each claim. Independent adjusters work for insurance companies, typically as consultants. Independent insurance adjusters are hired for specific expertise or when an influx of demand arises.


Public adjusters, true to their name, work on behalf of the public. They can represent either policyholders or insurance companies in court and during negotiations. A public adjuster works within your best interests when ensuring you are compensated for your losses without taking advantage of you.


No Matter How Small, There is Always a Benefit to Bringing a Public Adjuster in to Evaluate Your Claim


In some cases, a public adjuster may be able to help you receive a settlement offer from your insurance company. Even if the amount of money isn't substantial, working with a public adjuster can benefit policyholders in other ways. A Centennial public adjuster can ensure that you know all of your options and are receiving fair compensation for your losses.


For policyholders in Centennial, Colorado who choose to file an insurance claim, you have little to lose by seeking the services of a public adjuster. It's always best to find out the severity of a property loss before filing. That's why many public adjusters offer free visits to help determine if it is worth paying for damages.


Questions to Consider When Choosing a Public Adjuster In Centennial, CO.


Once you've made the decision to hire a public adjuster, it's time to choose which one. Don't be concerned if you have never hired an adjuster in the past. There are several questions to ask when choosing a public adjuster that will help ensure you get the best service for your needs.


  • Will your adjuster be handling your claim personally? Public insurance adjuster companies might send one adjuster to do an estimate and a different person, in the same firm, to carefully analyze an insurance claim. While it might be less expensive to hire one adjuster for both duties, and you may prefer working with just one representative, the value of your claim may suffer. In a larger firm, different public adjusters may have knowledge in specific areas and adjusters may take over claims because they have expertise in a particular type of damage.
  • Can Your Public Adjuster Provide References or Referrals? If you have specific questions about hiring a public insurance adjuster, always feel free to ask for references or referrals. If your potential public adjuster isn't able to provide this information, it might be best to keep looking at other firms. In addition, you should read reviews of public adjusters online. NAPIA has a list of its members available on its website.
  • Does Your Public Adjuster Have the Right Level of Experience for Your Claim? If you have contacted more than one public insurance adjuster, you should be able to tell whether or not they are a good fit for your claim. The answer might seem obvious, but asking questions during the interview is the best way to learn if your prospective public adjusters have enough experience to handle your case effectively.
  • What are the public adjuster's terms of communication? Some public adjusters prefer to work by taking your claim, doing what they have to do, and getting back to you at the end with the final result. If you would prefer ongoing communication and updates throughout the process, such a public adjuster would probably not be a good fit for you. You want to keep the process as comfortable and seamless for you as possible, so it's helpful to find an adjuster with whom you feel at ease communicating and who is available to communicate as often as you need.


A Public Adjuster Can Tell You When You Need an Attorney


Some insurance companies push policyholders to sign a release stating that they won't hire an attorney if their claim is denied. This is why it's important to have someone advocating for you who has experience in the field and can tell when you need additional help from an attorney.


If your public adjuster doesn't feel like he or she is able to successfully negotiate with your insurance company, they will be able to refer you to an attorney who can help. If a party to an insurance claim in Centennial, Colorado decides the cost of hiring an attorney and filing suit against their insurer is worth the desired settlement, then proceeding with legal action may be a valid course of action. Fortunately, this is a very uncommon occurrence, as most insurance companies don't want to go to court any more than you do.


Find the Right Public Adjuster for Your Claim at Public Insurance Adjusters of Colorado


To find out more about hiring a public insurance adjuster, contact Public Insurance Adjusters of Colorado. We can help you feel more comfortable and secure throughout the process of filing your claim. We have experience dealing with Centennial CO insurance companies and will guide you through the entire process. You know that your claims are in good hands when you work with one of our experienced public adjusters.


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