Can double-glazed windows be repaired?

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Double glazed windows are installed on low cost and expensive window designs from manufacturers.

In fact, it is the most practical solution in terms of operation and durability. If you are interested in the windows to serve for a long time and at the same time did not cause any problems in maintenance, then you can safely pay attention to this option.

Practice shows that in any real estate object, windows are the most vulnerable part of the construction, which is why they require increased attention. It often happens that the reason for repairs is a broken glass package, as well as a situation where this part of the structure is simply depressurized. This is a rather unpleasant situation, but you can get out of it if you call professional repairmen, who will fix all these failures in a short time. If you are faced with the fact that the glass is out of order, then do not despair.

Is it possible to fix the damage for yourself?

Determining that a glass unit is damaged is a very simple task. For example, if mechanical damage took place, you will immediately notice its consequences visually in the form of broken glasses. You can seal the window, crack it with varnish or superglue – this is also a way out, but it is important to understand that all this applies to temporary measures, and in the long run you will have to turn to professionals. The same may apply to the depressurization of glass. It occurs due to manufacturing faults, inappropriate operating conditions of the structure, as well as due to mechanical damage. In any case, the problem can be eliminated on its own, but only for a certain time. In the long term, you can cope with this circumstance by asking for help from a specialized company.

The repair of the glass unit is carried out in order to ensure that the optimal microclimate in the room remains in place until the arrival of the repair team. Modern companies that provide services in this direction do not repair glass packs, since there is no point in this. In the factory it is possible to install a new glass instead of the damaged one, to renew the sealant and fill the chamber with inert gas. The bottom line is that such a repair of a glass unit will be comparable in cost to its complete replacement. It turns out that to make professional repair of this structural element simply does not make sense, so you just have to resort to replacing the damaged part with a serviceable counterpart. For this, the dimensions of the damaged glass unit are removed, a new analogue is ordered, and then installed in the window unit, if the design does not have fatal damage. From this we can conclude that in the summer, the damaged glass does not make sense to repair, so you should contact the professionals and order a replacement for this item.

If the damage to the glazing unit had to be during the cold season, the deformed place can be temporarily sealed with improvised means in order to somehow prevent the heat from leaking out of the room. As a result, the algorithm of actions will again be reduced to calling the wizard on the object to take dimensions from the deformed element and install a new one. As for the time costs, they are often insignificant, since all the glass packs are mostly created for typical sizes, so they are often available for organizations that provide services for repair work. You can also clarify this information with the company to which you will apply. The procedure for dismantling the old glass and installing a new one takes about an hour or so.

Everything always happens individually, depending on the type of windows, their technical condition and other factors. The cost of this service is low, so there will be no reason to put up with high costs.

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