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The development and building of executive and private condominiums at TMW Maxwell has undergone a significant expansion and now provides

Dec 2

TMW Maxwell House owners, who have owned the house since they were able to obtain another chance to win the enbloc bid, and clinch the deal at $276.8m which was higher than the $268 million asking price. The TMW Maxwell, which is located on 20 Maxwell Road, was listed for sale in September of 2020, with a reserve of $295 million however, in April of this year, the price was cut.

The following Saturday (7 May) an aggregate auction bid for the commercial 13-storey development, with 45 units, was given to Singapore-listed units Chip Eng Seng Corp, SingHaiyi Investments and Chuan Investments and Chuan Investments, who put the property on the market for bid. This TMW Maxwell sale will be subject to acceptance of the Strata Titles Board and other conditions.

Joint venture partners submitted an offer to the committee for collective sales of Maxwell House on 6 May 2021. TMW Maxwell tenders were given to joint ventures a day later. The participation interests of the JV partners in this acquisition would have resulted in Chip Eng Seng holding 40%, SingHaiyi holding 30% as well as Chuan Investments controlling the remaining 30%. Chuan Investments is the wholly owned subsidiary that is part of Chuan Lim Construction, a Hong Kong listed firm that is based in Singapore with a focus on general civil engineering and construction work. It is for the very first time both companies are involved in the joint venture.


The joint bidders for TMW Maxwell are expected to seek approval from Singapore's land authorities to get preliminary approval for renewal of 99-year leases for buildings which began leases in June 1969. Chip Eng Seng told Singapore's exchange that it is seeking Urban Redevelopment Authority approval for the site to be converted to commercial-residential mixed-use. The site would be a commercial-residential mixed-use with an Gross site ratio at minimum 5.6 as well as gross floor area of at minimum 21,746.48 square metres, including the possibility of a commercial component that could be as high as 20% of the total floor area.

It is situated in a normal size plot of 41,799 sq feet the property is currently classified "commercial" with an area proportion of 4.3. It is a short walk from a dining and entertainment area on Tras Road, Duxton Hill as well as Keong Saik Road. The area is situated on the edge the Tanjong Pagar Development Area, it will be benefited from the revitalization of the area, as well as plans for development within The Greater Southern Waterfront (GSW).

CEL Development Pte. Ltd. (CEL)

Chip Eng Seng Corporation Limited is an international conglomerate listed in Singapore with interests in construction, civil infrastructure hospitality, precast technology education and real estate investment and development.

It was established in the 1960s , as an landed property construction subcontractor. The Group achieved a breakthrough by being named the primary constructor in HDB projects. The business has seen a massive expansion and offers a variety of services in the development and construction of executive and private condominiums .

The Group has expanded its offerings beyond Singapore because of its vast expertise and experience in the industry. The Group now has a presence in countries such as that of the Maldives, Australia New Zealand, Malaysia and Vietnam. The company's dedication to excellence in the projects they have undertaken has led to many awards and recognitions across the globe.


The plans for the redevelopment of Mt. Faber, which include plans of Keppel Club, Mt. Faber and old Pasir Panjang power station, are set to take place within the next five to 10 years making the southernmost part of the wider waterfront into an area for city development.

After the lease for Keppel club is up in 2021, the lease will expire. The present Keppel Club site will be transformed into a neighborhood of homes with the natural environment, water and easy accessibility to public transportation. Because of the site situated near the water and having ease of access the Telok Blangah and Labrador Park MRT stations, it provides the perfect opportunity to build new homes.

Greater Southern Waterfront, runs between Pasir Panjang to Marina East It will become the main entrance point for and the main destination for urban people living on the South Coast. If you thought that Marina Bay was a big place, think again. Marina Bay district was large take a look at the following: Greater Southern Waterfront will be six times larger than Marina Bay.

With the plan of the government to boost the energy of the Central Business District, as well as bringing more people living close to their work, Marina Bay, is likely to be one of those areas that will experience an increase in housing construction.

A popular weekend brunch spot serving delicious food. Drury Lane Cafe is a two-storey cafe that is located next to Cake Spade. Just 3 minutes of Tanjong Pagar MRT Station on Peck Seah Street, Cho-win Garden Korean restaurant serves the best and most authentic Korean food available in Singapore.

Tanjong Pagar Center serves higher-end versions of street food and also includes the must-try XYT Hokkien Mee ($16) and XYT Ayam Percik ($26) as well as both which we've been coming back at the time of our visit. This Argentinian restaurant recently moved away from Martin Road and onto the fashionable Amoy Street, sporting swanky interiors, yet with a relaxed atmosphere due to its graffiti-style walls. The izakaya is lively, modern, has exteriors that are street-style with graffiti-inspired murals with sexy crowds, the most current menu. Gattopardo Restaurant Di Mare is among the eateries along Tras Street, which promises guests an unforgettable dining experience. Their stylish interior is perfect as a private restaurant.

There are Western or Chinese food items at a cheap eatery or a luxurious and expensive restaurant to take your date out for dinner. Tanjong Pagar is the perfect location. We are not able to sustain the massive quantity of hip, fashionable restaurants that are popping up Tanjong Pagar, which has transformed its storehouse row into stylish cafes and eateries.

It's situated within Amoy Street, Carne, is an Argentinian restaurant that serves burgers. It offers grass-fed free-range Angus hamburgers made of beef as well as milkshakes, triple-fried fries along with local-made beer. Alongside the pop-up restaurant owned by Muslims Permata within Singapore, Argentinian chef Mauro Colegreco is the creator of Carne, Argentinas first international hamburger restaurant, which he has created in conjunction together with the chef Beppe De Vito. who is a part of the Il Lido Group, in Singapore. In stark contrast to the lively Duxton Hill entertainment district, Tanjong Pagar Centre is a restaurant and bar with the style and charm of other.