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What Is Routine Heating Maintenance?

Oct 20

If you have a heating system and want it to stay in its best shape, routine heating maintenance would be a great help. If you haven’t had one before, fret not because this blog will give you every important thing you have to know about routine heating maintenance Bedford, TX

What is Heating Maintenance?

If you own a car, you sure are aware of the significance of routine maintenance to keep it in good shape. You get the oil changed regularly, keep the fluids topped off, and fix any issues as soon as they arise. 

A heating system is no different; it also needs routine maintenance. A heating maintenance service includes various different tasks. While the tasks apparently differ from those of car maintenance, the basic idea is still the same: to prevent any issues and ensure the equipment will function properly, efficiently, and safely. 

Tasks included in a heating maintenance Bedford, TX will vary depending on your system needs and the plan you purchase. But the most basics are thorough system inspection, filter replacement, cleaning, carbon monoxide testing, and drain clearing to mention a few. 

Types of Heating Maintenance Plans

There are a few different types of  heating maintenance plans in Bedford, TX that you can sign up for. Some companies offer comprehensive plans that cover all aspects of your heating system, while others provide more multi-system plans that cover multiple systems in your home. Here are a few of the most common types of heating maintenance plans:

Annual Plans - Maintenance will be performed once a year. It means that you'll have somebody come to your home once a year to inspect and tune up your furnace or air conditioner. It is a great option for people who want to ensure their systems run smoothly and efficiently.

Bi-Annual Plans - These plans include two visits, one in the spring and one in the fall. It is a great option for people who want to be proactive about their heating and cooling systems. 

Multi-System Plans - These plans usually cover two or more heating and cooling systems in your home. It is a great option for people with multiple systems or want to ensure their entire home is covered.

Custom Plans -  If you have specific needs, some companies offer custom  heating maintenance Bedford, TX. It means you can specify the services you need and how often you need them. This plan is a great option for people with unique heating and cooling needs.

Most heating maintenance plans feature other benefits such as discounts on repairs, priority scheduling, free filters, and many more. 

How Often Should You Schedule a Heating Maintenance?

A heating maintenance service in Bedford, TX isn't completely cheap, so you might be wondering how often you should get one. Although the general rule of thumb is to service your unit at least once a year, the ideal frequency will depend on your system and how often you use it. 

For example, gas furnaces should be inspected every year. On the other hand, heat pumps should be tuned up twice a year - once for the heating season and once for the cooling season. 

Get Help From MillioAire’s Heating Experts!

Winter is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to prepare your heating system. If you haven’t had your unit tuned up, consider MillionAire Heating & Air Conditioning. This HVAC company has been offering a wide range of heating and cooling services, including  heating maintenance Bedford, TX and the surrounding areas, for over a decade. 

When it comes to HVAC maintenance plans, they offer four options: bronze, silver, gold, and diamond. Bronze is the most affordable, while diamond is the most expensive and comprehensive. To learn more about these plans, visit MillionAire Heating & Air Conditioning’s “ABC” Service Membership or call the team at (817) 863-0747.