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Heating Maintenance Tasks You Should Do This Winter

Oct 17

As the weather outside gets colder and colder, it's important to make sure that your heating system is up to the task of keeping your home warm all winter long. Fortunately, there are a few simple heating maintenance Acton, CA that you can do to help keep your heating system running smoothly all season.

In this blog post, we'll go over some of the most important heating maintenance tasks that you should do this winter.

Check Your Furnace Filter

You should first check your furnace filter and ensure it doesn't need to be replaced. A dirty filter can restrict airflow and cause your furnace to work harder than it needs to, leading to premature wear and tear. Inspect your filter every month and replace it if it looks dirty. Ask a professional if you don't know what type of filter you need.

Vacuum Around Your Furnace

The next heating maintenance Acton, CA is take a vacuum cleaner and vacuum around the area where your furnace is located. This will help remove any dirt or dust accumulated around the unit, which could cause problems down the road. You should also dust any vents or registers in your furnace's vicinity.

Inspect Your Ductwork

If you have central heating, you'll want to look at your ductwork and ensure there are no leaks or holes. If there are any leaks in your ductwork, heat can escape and cause your heating bills to go up. To prevent this, seal any leaks with mastic sealant or metal tape. This is a heating maintenance Acton, CA you should do at least once every two years.

Check Your Thermostat Settings

Look at your thermostat settings and ensure they're set properly for winter. You may want to consider installing a programmable thermostat to better control the temperature in your home throughout the day. Programmable thermostats can save you money on your energy bills by ensuring that your furnace isn't working harder than it needs to be when you're not home.

Inspect Your Vents

Keep your heating system running efficiently by ensuring all your vents are clear and unobstructed. Furniture, curtains, and other household items can easily block vents and prevent warm air from circulating properly. Once a month or so, take a walk around your home and ensure all of the vents are clear so your heater can do its job properly.

Monitor Your Utility Bills

Keeping an eye on your monthly utility bills is a good way to spot potential problems with your heating system. If you see a sudden spike in your gas or electricity usage, it could indicate that something is wrong with your system. By paying attention to changes in your utility bills, you can quickly catch potential problems and fix them before they become more serious.

Check Your Heat Pump (If Applicable)

If you have a heat pump, it's important to have heating maintenance Acton, CA  for it at least once a year. Heat pumps work hard to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so they must be in top operating condition at all times. A professional technician will be able to clean the coils and test all of the components to make sure they're working properly. They may also be able to spot potential problems before they become major issues.

As the temperatures drop, now is the time to start thinking about heating maintenance Acton, CA. After all, you don't want your unit to break down in the middle of a cold snap!

Heating Maintenance in Acton, CA

Taking care of these simple maintenance tasks will help ensure that your furnace is ready for whatever the winter throws. If you have any questions about heating maintenance Acton, CA or need assistance with these tasks, don't hesitate to contact All Heart Heating & Cooling today!

They're always happy to help our customers keep their homes warm and comfortable all winter long! Their expert technicians are available to help with any furnace-related issues you may have.

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