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Fantastic Garage Overhead Storage Ideas

Jun 28

Things are kept out of sight and out of mind in your garage, but are you making the greatest use of the space? Utilize these creative high-up storage solutions to become organized.


It's a wonderful idea to assess if you're making the most of the space you do have whether you don't have much storage space at home or if you just have a lot of possessions. The garage is a great location to start. After your car is parked inside, there probably won't be any noticeable excess space for storage. You still need to be able to move about freely and securely.


The straightforward solution to this frequent issue is above garage storage. Why not take use of your garage ceiling as much as you can when it isn't being utilized for anything else? To save money and effort, you may attempt a DIY project. Alternatively, you could just look at some of the finest overhead garage shelving and storage options available.


Garage Vertical Racks

Ceiling racks feature movable metal brackets that attach to ceiling studs and can support a substantial amount of weight—up to 600 pounds sometimes. This kind of overhead garage storage is hidden and needs a step stool or ladder to reach, like the Noell ceiling hung rack from Wayfair. Because of this, it's ideal for items like Christmas decorations that you don't use often.


Hanging Storage In The Garage

In your garage, slatwall panels are a great space saver. They're perfect for smaller things and anything you want quick access to, such tools, cleaning supplies, or sporting goods. The garage storage unit from Flowwall has six modular modules that can be configured to the size you like, making it an excellent choice to make the most of your available space and meet changing storage demands. As an added bonus, PVC panels are completely recyclable.


Bike Parking

Bike storage may be difficult, particularly in smaller garages, if you belong to a large family and like cycling or even if you own a few cycles on your own. The bike storage rack from Ultrawall is ideal for the job. It attaches on the wall, can support 300 pounds of weight, and can accommodate six bicycles.


Angler's Rod Holder

You may not have given a particularly specific kind of storage container intended for your fishing rods much thought. This one from Etsy vendor Oobjek is created in Florida from durable waterproof, weatherproof, UV-resistant Recycled Marine HDPE and is ideal for keeping them clean, safe, and out of the way. You just need a screwdriver to install it, and it holds 21 rods.


Ladder For Plant/Pot Holder

Some indoor plants could make the place more pleasant if you spend a lot of time in your garage workshop. Or maybe you need more storage space since you turned your garage into a guest room. In any case, this ladder from Etsy vendor EdnaFayeCreations is ideal for supporting potted plants. This ladder includes a hanging kit and is made of sturdy, rustic, sustainable wood with a vintage appearance.


Versatile Garage Wall Mount

You may not be able to forecast what you'll be keeping and how you'll need to store it while you're setting up your garage. A versatile wall mount with moveable hooks and adjustable storage, like Wallmaster's garage storage tool organizer, is a fantastic remedy for this. Its hooks are long enough to hold stacks of folding chairs as well as gardening equipment, tools, and other items. You may quickly and simply move the hooks around on the panel's rails as your requirements change.


Bins For Storage On Racks

Storage bins on overhead racks from Koova are a good option if you need to store a lot of tiny objects that you won't use often. Look for a long-lasting and robust solution. Additionally, you should think about the weight capacity of the bins, particularly if your things tend to be heavier. Last but not least, think about selecting transparent bins if you need to be able to quickly and easily see what's within for simple retrieval.


Garage Corner Cabinet

Enter the corner storage unit just as you started to think you had no more room. This kind of garage storage is ideal for offering shelf space for those goods you want to grab quickly and regularly. This Fleximounts model has a sturdy frame that can support more than 400 pounds and is easy to install.


Box Carrier Hoist

One person can operate HARKEN's cargo box hoist, which suspends your Thule, SportRack, or other branded box from your garage ceiling, so you can stop detaching your car's cargo box and praying it doesn't fall on you. Pulleys with ball bearings provide smooth functioning. Produced in the USA.

If you have the funds, go ahead and employ a garage organization specialist for any domestic issues. Check out these ingenious gadgets that address a myriad of little issues around the home's garage if you want to save money and practice self-sufficiency. 


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