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UPVC Windows What's the all the fuss about?

Jun 7

In the world of window profiles it appears that there is an increasing trend toward uPVC. uPVC frames rule the market for windows within Europe and are popular in China and the USA and, increasingly to a lesser extent, India. It is a question of why? What is it that makes uPVC? Why are increasing numbers of homeowners taking to the uPVC bandwagon? Perhaps most importantly should we follow them?

We've all heard that general opinion isn't always influenced by logic or value However, is this another instance of like being like or is there deeper to the uPVC story? To try to answer this, let's examine the efficiency of uPVC windows in relation to three main dimensions: Environmental, Economic and Material/Design/Security.

uPVC windows don't emit any harmful gases and can be considered to be completely safe for the health of humans. Because of this and because of the easy-to-clean, healthy, non-porous, non-porous surface that are found in uPVC frame windows they're suitable even for use in clinical areas.


Energy Efficient

Upvc windows can be energy-efficient. They have a high heat transfer efficiency (U-Value) that means they possess excellent insulation properties. In terms of science the heat transfer coefficient reveals how much energy (heat) is transferred to the building elements like windows and doors. The measurement unit for the U-Value of a window is (W/m2K) (Watt for each square centimeter measured by Kelvin). Modern profiling systems can achieve Uf (U-Value of the frame) values of 0.79 W/m2K which means U (U-Value of the window) with values as lower to 0.63 W/m K, which results in an excellent insulation level and substantially less energy consumption.

Resistant to weather and aging

Alongside energy-related enhancements, uPVC windows are highly resistant to weathering, with easy-to-clean and dimensionally stable surface, even in extreme temperatures. In this respect, they are more durable than windows made from other materials. There are also special "tropical" uPVC recipes for regions that have a higher U V impacts such as India to make windows less susceptible to the sun and heat. To ensure that uPVC windows remain sturdy and durable stabilizers are added in profile manufacturing. Prior to this, uPVC profiling companies used include environmentally harmful lead stabilizers. But the safety standards have witnessed an unprecedented increase since then. Today companies use stabilizers made of uPVC on an Calcium-Zinc (CaZn) base instead of using lead. They are absolutely safe for the environment, a feature that leads us to the second benefit that is offered with uPVC profiles.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

To the best of our knowledge, uPVC window profiles can be considered to be completely safe for humans and the surrounding environment. The move away from stabilizers for lead has been previously discussed. Other agents that were used in the past included Formaldehyde Chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs) or Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs). These are all replaced with harmless chemicals like Calcium/Zinc, that aren't responsible for profiles emitting harmful gasses. Because of this and the simple-to-clean and clean non-porous surface made of uPVC windows, they're ideal to be used in extremely clean as well as clinical settings.


Upvc windows are extremely affordable to make. This is because of the fierce market competition, with a variety of windows and systems provided, customers can discover a variety of affordable and creative solutions. Furthermore, advanced window systems have excellent efficiency features that can make money. They're extremely robust, need little maintenance, and are extremely efficient in insulating, and thus energy saving. In general, the beginning costs for high-quality uPVC windows are typically lower than those of similar wooden or aluminium windows.


One of the main advantages of the most sophisticated uPVC windows is their wide compatibility of various components, including primary profiles as well as other components such as extensions profiles, glazing beads gaskets, and so on.. Compatibility is a major aspect at the window fabricator level. A smaller number of profiles must be saved and the settings of the tool remain the same even when working with window profiles that have different depths of profile. This makes it easier to store and manage of profiles, and also helps save money for the end users.


  • uPVC windows provide excellent sound insulation.
  • uPVC windows are resistant to fire and do not possess the effect of accelerating fire and they self-extinguish out of the flame.
  • uPVC windows are invulnerable to termites, and will never corrosion, rot or rust.
  • UPVC windows are easily cleaned using the normal dishwashing liquid.
  • uPVC windows offer protection from burglaries.
  • uPVC windows can be made using coextruded gaskets. Their sealing will be perfect for.
  • uPVC window profiles can be laminated, lacquered with decor foils, or coated with aluminum shells.
  • uPVC window profiles are able to be bent. Even round and arched uPVC windows are also possible.
  • uPVC windows are able to be put in for new constructions and for renovation projects.

It is evident that the numerous benefits and advantages of an uPVC window over other types of windows are the main reason leading the way toward it. Its versatility as well as its cost-effectiveness and durability make it the top material that is preferred by window profile makers and consumers alike. From the looks of it, the demand for uPVC windows is likely to rise in the near future. Returning to the point we began uncertain about whether to jump on the trend or not, maybe one of the most efficient ways to describe what we are seeing is this: The popular opinion may not always meet the mark on the head, but in this case it appears to have achieved its goal. All on board!

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