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Garage Products You Can Purchase

May 18

A garage is typically more than simply a place to park. It may also be utilized as a workshop, art studio, home gym, sports bar, storage area, or home office.

Garages are now effectively an extension of a home's living area, giving additional semi-climate controlled square footage when you need it – particularly during the COVID-19 outbreak.

As a consequence, your garage may benefit from some spring cleaning. Whether you want to entirely optimize your garage's storage capacity or put up a handy DIY area, purchasing brand new garage items to outfit your garage might be costly.

Thrift stores, estate sales, yard sales, recycling centers, and other secondhand sellers provide a more cost-effective (and environmentally friendly!) alternative to these garage essentials. We spoke with home stagers to find out which garage items are the best secondhand options. Home stagers devote a significant amount of effort to locating and acquiring items that can assist their clients in selling their homes. Continue reading to learn about their best used garage finds.


Gardening And Landscaping Tools

You almost likely have a yard if you have a garage. In that yard, watering, mowing, raking, and planting are all tasks that must be done on a regular basis. Instead of heading to the hardware or garage store for a new shovel and rake, John Forslund, owner of Unjumbold, a New Jersey home and lifestyle firm that also provides home-staging services, recommends visiting a thrift store or a garage sale. Vintage garden tools may be utilized as rustic garage or outdoor décor if they are still in functioning shape.

He continues, "Neither of them has to be bought new since the ancient ones work just as well." "Keep them around, hang them on a nice wall rack, or lean them against the shed to live out their days in peace."


Additional Resources

Even if you plan to employ a handyman for the most, if not all, of your home repairs and improvements, it's a good idea to have a few basic equipment on hand in case of an emergency. According to Forslund, it's sometimes better to purchase brand-new equipment to have the most up-to-date safety features, but you can get away with purchasing secondhand in other cases. Keep an eye out for traditional, tried-and-true tools like hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and even saws while you're out thrifting.


Crates And Bins For Storage

Garages are ideal for storing holiday decorations, odd childhood mementos, and just about anything else. Candance Toscano, a home stager in Colorado Springs, Colorado, advises keeping an eye out for storage boxes and crates of all shapes and sizes the next time you're shopping a garage sale or your local thrift store.


Shelving And Hooks

According to Toscano, secondhand shelves, wall hooks, and ceiling hooks are also essential for garage organizing.

"Becoming things under control in this area demands getting organized and making great use of storage without breaking the money," she continues, "since the garage looks to be the catch-all of the home."