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You'll Regret Not Trying These 7 Garage Organization Ideas

Nov 3

Garages that are neat and organized are created by implementing the correct garage organizing ideas into their designs.

However, not all garage organizing ideas and products are created equal. Some people will not get a garage design consultation and make the most use of the storage space in their garage.

Others may be sufficient in terms of functionality, but they fall short when it comes to offering you a handy amount of storage variety.


7 ingenious garage storage ideas

To maintain your garage clutter-free, highly functional, and looking its best, we've produced a list of 7 of the most useful garage organizing ideas.


1. Storage space-saving garage organizing ideas

Examine how your garage is currently organized to fit the goods you keep there. If your garage is like others, it undoubtedly has a lot of unused or underutilized storage space.

Making the most of what you have in your garage space is one of the pillars of excellent garage management.

That involves making the most of your garage's walls and overhead space in order to maximize the amount of storage space available.

By combining various hanging attachments to keep objects properly stowed, a slatwall storage system offers adaptable hanging space on your garage walls. One of the most efficient garage organizing solutions for regaining important garage floor space is slatwall storage.

In addition to the walls of your garage, look at the underutilized garage ceiling area to uncover plenty of valuable storage space. Overhead storage racks are a great method to expand your garage storage possibilities.

2. Vehicle storage and management options in the garage

Are you unable to park in your garage because there is too much junk in the area where your vehicles should be?

You're not the only one who feels this way. The garage is often the most congested place in homes, according to several home organizing studies and surveys. Some instances are as follows:

In a 2017 Garage Living poll, 20% of 1,500 respondents said they couldn't park in their garage; a US Department of Energy study found that 25% of homeowners with 2-car garages don't park in them at all; and an in-depth UCLA study of 32 Los Angeles-area families found that 75% didn't use their garages for parking.

Your automobiles will be less secure if you are unable to park in your garage. Parking in your driveway also exposes your car to the weather, which can reduce its lifespan. Rain, snow, excessive heat and cold, as well as tree sap, can all harm a vehicle's body.

Getting a vehicle lift is one of the more practical garage organizing ideas for generating additional parking space. They're a fantastic alternative to needing to expand your garage.

Car lifts essentially transform a one-car garage into a two-car garage, a two-car garage into a three-car garage (or a four-car garage with two lifts), and so on.

A car lift simply utilizes the available vertical space in your garage by erecting a raised vehicle parking area that allows another vehicle to be placed beneath it.


3. Garden hose storage options that work in the garage

The exterior water hookups in some homes are positioned in the garage. This is helpful, but it may also add to your garage clutter if you don't store your garden hoses correctly.

A hastily unwinding garden hose on your garage floor contributes to a more chaotic garage environment while also posing a tripping danger.

It's also more vulnerable to harm from cars driving over it or large objects being tossed on top of it.

A wall-mounted hose reel or a high-quality hose reel cart are ideal for correctly storing your garden hoses when it comes to garage organizing ideas.


4. Sports equipment garage organizing ideas

Bikes and other sorts of sports equipment may make up a lot of the clutter on garage flooring, especially if you have a large family who likes being outside.

Soccer balls, footballs, baseball bats, and skateboards, for example, can be among the most deadly tripping hazards in the garage.

There are a variety of slatwall hanging attachments available to keep your athletic equipment well-organized and secure.

Hang your family's bikes on vertical or horizontal bike hooks to free up some garage floor space.

Hanging attachments for hockey, golf, tennis, and fishing equipment, as well as adjustable ball racks, are also available.

Another multi-purpose storage solution is hanging deep mesh baskets. Everything from sports equipment to gardening, automobile, and cleaning supplies may be stored in them.


5. Garage organizing ideas for seasonal things that are perfect

Infrequently used objects, particularly seasonal items, are another major source of garage floor clutter. Here are several examples:

  • Seasonal tires
  • Patio furniture
  • Out-of-season sporting equipment
  • Storage bins

Some of these products won't be used for months, so it's a waste to have them laying about on your garage floor unused.

These products are frequently big and heavy, which adds to their space requirements and makes them difficult to maneuver.

Overhead garage storage racks are an excellent choice for heavy-duty garage storage. Simply hang those big goods in the air to keep them out of the way.

For less bulky products, freestanding industrial storage containers may be more appropriate. And for your seasonal tire storage needs, a good wall-mounted tire storage rack is ideal.

6. Ingenious tool storage solutions in the garage

With all of the yard tools and hand tools you'll accumulate over the years, it seems like there'll never be enough garage storage space to keep them all organized.

How much time have you spent seeking for a certain wrench or garden hand trowel, just to give up and buy a replacement? Naturally, you'll come upon the misplaced item months later.

Invest in improved storage solutions and garage organizing ideas to make it easier to find all of your tools.

Yard tools and smaller hand tools that can be placed on easy-to-access hanging racks, holders, and magnetic tool bars should be stored on slatwall.

A garage cabinet system is ideal for bigger or more expensive tool collections (perhaps as part of a garage workshop).


7. Design ideas for garage organizing

Clearly, the look of a garage plays a significant role in making it feel like a clean, well-organized environment. It's crucial to keep things tidy, but keeping clutter to a minimum is only half the battle.

Don't underestimate the value of garage organizing design.

Are all of those well ordered belongings kept in a garage with a dingy, drab garage floor? Do your storage systems appear to be out of date?

Do you still have a few of weak incandescent light bulbs in your garage? Even after years of ownership, your garage walls may still be incomplete.

Details like this are important when it comes to the appearance of a garage. Investing in these areas can enable your attempts to implement the garage organizing suggestions outlined below make a bigger difference in how your garage looks, feels, and works.

Consider adding a new garage floor coating and more energy efficient LED garage lights to complement your improved garage management methods.

Also, take advantage of custom garage design possibilities, which make creating effective and appealing garage color schemes much easier.


For the greatest garage organizing ideas, turn to the experts

Each of our clients' specialized and unique demands are met by our bespoke garage renovation ideas. That way, when your garage renovation is finished, you'll have a lovely area that matches your lifestyle and looks even better than you imagined.

To discover more about how the greatest garage organizing and storage solutions on the market can change your garage, schedule a free design consultation with us.