12 Garage Organization Tips To Help You Get Rid Of The Mess

Having a garage might feel like a blessing and a curse at the same time. On the one hand, the area provides storage for a variety of big or infrequently used objects. On the other hand, it might become a haven for clutter. An organized garage may appear unachievable and intimidating, but with the correct organizing tools and a well-thought-out plan, you’ll have a garage that’s ready to show off.

Pia Thompson, professional organizer and proprietor of Sweet Digs, offers advice to help you with the decluttering and organization process.

The significance of maintaining a well-organized garage

Despite its regular use for storage, a garage can sometimes be a neglected place in the home. A well-organized garage may provide a lot of convenience and peace of mind.

“After a long day out, a garage is a welcome sight. Make it attractive so that returning home is a pleasurable experience rather than a source of further stress “Thompson agrees. “Because it also serves as an exit point, make sure you have access to sports equipment or gardening tools so you may continue doing the things you enjoy.”

Thompson’s provides straightforward advice for converting your garage into an useable place and keeping it neat in the long run.

Make a strategy

Consider your space’s vision and how you want it to support your lifestyle. Make a plan for how you’ll use your garage. Do you only need a parking spot for your car? Is there a place to store equipment? “These questions serve as a reminder that everything exists to assist the lives we want to live. Remembering this will enable you to be more deliberate “Thompson agrees.

Draw or outline where you want your goods to go for a more deliberate approach. Thompson suggests looking for inventive and helpful products that may make your garage seem both beautiful and organized, rather of the typical garage shelves.

Divide and conquer is an effective strategy

The most significant roadblocks to effectively finishing a DIY project are stress and time management. Allow yourself to spread out your garage organization across a few days to minimize aggravation. You can also enlist the help of a friend or family member to expedite the procedure.

Zones of thinking

Thinking on what and how many zones your products will be separated into is the most significant part of establishing a plan.

“Remove everything from its hiding spot. Sports and leisure equipment, vehicles, seasonal decor, garden gear, and tools are only a few examples of common categories “Thompson agrees.

Choose a zone that is higher up or farther away from the door if you use specific items or equipment less frequently. To improve the perception of convenience and functionality, frequently used goods should be conveniently accessible and housed at eye level.

Clean, organize, and declutter

Focus on one category at a time to declutter, sorting into heaps as you go.

Instead than focusing on what you want to get rid of, think about what you want to keep. “This will teach you what you enjoy and what is special to you (which is honestly a lot more fun!) and will help your decision-making as you evaluate what objects to bring into your garage area in the future,” Thomspon explains.

Obtain storage options

After you’ve decluttered, go out and buy some new organizing and storage items. You can decide on the sizes and quantities of what you need to keep your garage neat after you know exactly what you’re storing.

While organizing can be a purifying process, the end result can be aesthetically beautiful, especially in a space like the garage, which we don’t generally consider stylish. Thompson suggests storage solutions that are both useful and attractive to achieve this.

Make use of open bookshelves

Open shelving and racks allow you to see everything in your storage and make it easy to find what you need. These are also great for storing seasonal items that may be put on top and aren’t used very often.

Always check that these shelves are solid, flat, and, if necessary, mounted.

Make use of wall storage

Bikes, skis, and other sports-related equipment that you use frequently but need to keep out of the way are ideal for wall-mounted racks. One of the most crucial aspects of efficient garage organization is keeping things off the floor.

Investigate the space above you

You can always use that area by gazing up if you wish to keep the center of the garage vacant for your car.

“A ceiling-mounted storage rack is great for hanging long, flat things that aren’t used very often while simultaneously keeping them out of the way and making use of space that would otherwise be wasted,” Thompson explains.

Pegboards are great for strangely shaped goods

“Not only is a pegboard organizer adjustable and versatile, but it can also look like art,” Thompson says. “They’re fantastic for holding loose objects, whether you use hooks or shelves.”

Pegboards are commonly used for storage above a tool rack or cabinet, but they can also be used for arts and crafts, gardening equipment, and other oddities.

Protect yourself from the elements

Weathertight containers are essential if you live in a climate with seasonal temperature and humidity fluctuations. “Weathertight bins can resist high temperatures, which is essential in a garage,” Thompson explains.

These containers are ideal for delicate items like off-season apparel, shoes, and linens that need to be stored in a dark, cool environment. When you need more space, weathertight bins can be used as an extension of your bedroom closet.

Everything should be labeled

Avoid using a simple label to open every bin and container. To make it easier to find goods, name them in a way that is both specific and concise.

Thompson exclaims, “Label everything!” “The last thing you want to do is go around your garage, especially in the dead of winter or summer, because all of your bins are neatly piled and organized yet all look the same. Take the time to mark everything so that getting in and out is a breeze!”

You may either use a fancy label maker or simply write on a piece of paper and tape it to the bin.

Steel is a durable and reliable material

“Get a steel storage cabinet if you have the space,” Thompson advises. “It gives the impression of being both sleek and completed.”

While open shelving is the most handy, a steel storage cabinet can be a terrific choice for items you don’t want on show or need to keep hidden. If you want to be more private, invest in a cabinet with a lock and key.

Takeaway from an insider

While organizing your garage may seem daunting, the convenience and sense of openness are well worth the effort. It simply takes a clear goal, an efficient categorization system, and a hyperfocus on decluttering the items that no longer offer you joy to declutter what could be the most cluttered space in the house.

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